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China Academic Journals Full-Text Database (CNKI)

As a largest and continuously updated Chinese journal database in the world, the database offers 22 millions full-text papers from 8,200 China important journals. The collection focuses on academy, technology, policy guidance, popular science and education journals as well as some magazine titles as basic education, popular literature and art. Subject areas cover science, engineering technology, agriculture, philosophy, medicine, humanities and social sciences, etc. 
The product comprises 10 series, which are Science/Technology/Engineering A (Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Astronomy, Geology and biology), Science/Technology/Engineering B (Chemistry, Chemistry Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Environmental Science and Mining Engineering), Science/Technology/Engineering C (Mechanics, Aeronautics, Traffic, Hydraulic, Architecture and Energy), Agriculture, Medicine/Hygiene, Literature/History/Philosophy, Politics/Military/Law, Education/Social Science, Electronics/Information Technology, Economics and Management. The 10 series are further divided into 168 essential categories and nearly 3,600 sub-categories.