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Fujian Provincial Library (FJLib) is a provincial-level comprehensive public library with a history for over 100 years, a multi-function academic service institution opening to the public for free, providing publication circulation, reference service, computer retrieval, multi-media reading, collaboration and tutoring, is also a provincial center for book collection, cataloging, information service, ancient books preservation and conservation, development of local featured resources, research on library science and operation training, and a provincial-level base of continued education. It covers 41700 square meters (including 17900 for Fujian Juvenile & Children’s Library) of floor space and has a collection of 4.51 million items and 77.73TB of electronic resources.

Since 1985, it has been awarded the distinction of “provincial-level civilized unit” by Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC and Fujian Provincial People’s Government for consecutive 11 times. 

In 2009 it was ranked among “the Fourth Advanced Units for National Spiritual Civilization Construction” by the Civilization Office of the CPC Central Committee.

Besides, it was awarded over 20 distinctions, including “Grade-One Library” , the first “Ministry of Culture’s Award for Innovation”, the “Library Public Service Award” under “the 14th National Galaxy Award”, and “National Advanced Collective of Cultural Work” by the Ministry of Culture; “Advanced Party Organization of Cultural System directly under Provincial Government for Year 2008-2009”, “Provincial Advanced Collective of Cultural System for Year 2007-2010”, ”Excellent Organization Prize of Public Involvement Reading Campaign for Year 2009”,  “Provincial-level Model Home of Staff”, “Fujian Provincial Base of Social Sciences Popularization”, “Advanced Unit of Social Sciences Popularization”, and national-level “Pilot Base of Public Reading”, etc. 

In 2012, Fujian Juvenile & Children’s Library was awarded “Excellent Prize of Key Construction Project of Fujian Province” by Fujian Provincial People’s Government. Our library was also awarded the distinction of “Pilot Point for the 7th (Year 2012-2014) Pioneering & Construction Work of Civilized Industries in Fujian Province”, and “National Base of Science Popularization Education  for Year 2012-2016”. Its project “Construction, Research and Application of Cloud Computing-based Technical Support Platform for Public Digital Cultural Service Technology” was awarded the fourth “Innovation Awards” by the Ministry of Culture.

Fujian Provincial Library Society has been awarded the Excellent Organization Prize of Public Involvement Reading Campaign by National Library Society for years running. Its journal Theory and Practice of Fujian Libraries has also been awarded the Encouragement Prize for Excellent Technical Journals by Fujian Provincial Association of Science and Technology for years running.